Management Principles

In recent years, the tourism industry, which has been promoted by the public and private sectors under the banner of "Japan as a tourism-oriented country," has made great strides as one of the industries that drive the Japanese economy.
On the other hand, suddenly, the world is experiencing “the Great Reset”, and the tourism industry is also required to change its way of being.
We have been developing our business centered on hotel management and operation, but in the future we will respond to structural changes to a more sustainable society such as environmental consideration. By utilizing of advantages of the hotel business, we will continue to focus on "health," "well-being," and "joy of life”.
We will combine the spirit of Japanese hospitality with the global hotel brand which represents social coexistence and co-prosperity of globalization in order to build a peaceful society through hospitality minds. We will continue to devote ourselves and respond swiftly and flexibly to unknown and rapidly changing markets.