Efforts to achieve SDGs

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are global goals adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015 with the goal of "ending poverty and pursuing a sustainable future." To solve global issues by 2030, 17 goals and 169 specific targets to achieve them are presented.
We, GHS Co., Ltd., are promoting SDGs to realize a sustainable world.

Initiatives for SDGs through health management

Mental and physical health is important for each and every employee to fully demonstrate their abilities and work energetically. For this reason, we are working to create a work environment that maintains and promotes the health of our employees, and we are promoting initiatives to realize a fulfilling work-life balance.

Initiatives for SDGs through human resource development
through hotel development and operation business

We are working to develop human resources through "OJT," in which guidance and development is provided through actual work in the workplace, and "Off-JT," in which employees participate in training and seminars away from the workplace to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

Initiatives for SDGs through bridal business

We will prepare a system to accept all those who want to hold a wedding ceremony in order to raise awareness of diversifying gender and build an internal system. In addition, when providing bridal meals, we are working with producers to reduce food loss.