Hotel development and management business

Demands on domestic hotel businesses and trends are changing greatly according to how domestic travelers and inbound travelers use them and the environment, and we are moving toward a period of transition.
We have expanded food and drink businesses, wedding business, real estate business, etc., centering on domestic hotel management and operation, and have run total hospitality businesses.
We hope to contribute to the further development of the hospitality business and tourism industry by sharing the high-quality services of our staff and the management know-how we have cultivated while thinking about new trends and the future of hotels.

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka

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ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka, a hotel built in the heart of Osaka.
To the east is the verdant Nakanoshima Park, and to the south is Yodoyabashi, one of the best commercial complexes in Osaka.
To the north is Kitashinchi, Osaka’s premier entertainment district.
Additionally, it is very conveniently located for trips to tourist spots and leisure spots throughout Kansai, including in Kobe, Kyoto, and Nara.

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka
1-3-1 Dojimahama, Kita Ward, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture 530-0004, Japan
TEL : +81-6-6347-1112 / FAX : +81-6-6348-9208

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Chitose

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Chitose, which is surrounded by abundant nature, is the gateway to the northern sky.
It is an authentic city and airport hotel located at a point-blank range from New Chitose Airport.
It is also a great location for access to Sapporo, Lake Shikotsu, and prestigious golf courses.
You can enjoy Hokkaido, which is active in tourism and business.
In 2017, a wing building with 150 rooms and 3 dining facilities opened. Please enjoy Hokkaido to the fullest in the new ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Chitose.

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Chitose
2-2-1 Hokuei, Chitose-shi, Hokkaido
066-8637, Japan
TEL : +81-123-22-2311 / FAX : +81-123-27-5500

ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa

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  • ANAインターコンチネンタル別府 リゾート&スパの館内サムネイル写真4
  • ANAインターコンチネンタル別府 リゾート&スパの館内サムネイル写真5
  • ANAインターコンチネンタル別府 リゾート&スパの館内サムネイル写真6
  • ANAインターコンチネンタル別府 リゾート&スパの館内サムネイル写真7
  • ANAインターコンチネンタル別府 リゾート&スパの館内サムネイル写真8

An unprecedented luxury resort is born in Beppu, one of Japan's leading hot springs. There are 89 open rooms. With an infinity pool with a breathtaking view, a spa, an open-air bath and hot spring facilities, four meeting and banquet halls, and a club intercontinental, you will enjoy the best time. The restaurant and bar are beautifully designed in a modern and Japanese style, and refined cuisine filled with seasonal ingredients and original ideas from the chef creates a special moment.

499-18 Oaza Kannawa, Beppu, Oita
874-0000, Japan
TEL : +81-977-66-1000 / FAX : +81-977-66-1002


  • ホテル インディゴ 箱根・強羅の館内写真1
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  • ホテル インディゴ 箱根・強羅の館内写真4
  • ホテル インディゴ 箱根・強羅の館内写真5
  • ホテル インディゴ 箱根・強羅の館内写真6
  • ホテル インディゴ 箱根・強羅の館内写真7
  • ホテル インディゴ 箱根・強羅の館内写真8
  • ホテル インディゴ 箱根・強羅の館内サムネイル写真1
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  • ホテル インディゴ 箱根・強羅の館内サムネイル写真5
  • ホテル インディゴ 箱根・強羅の館内サムネイル写真6
  • ホテル インディゴ 箱根・強羅の館内サムネイル写真7
  • ホテル インディゴ 箱根・強羅の館内サムネイル写真8

As an upscale boutique hotel brand, Hotel Indigo has over 100 properties worldwide. Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora will open as the first hotel in Japan. This hotel proposes a new way to enjoy Hakone, such as architecture with excellent story and design, all rooms with private hot springs, and food experiences with carefully selected ingredients that make you feel energy. Experience the excitement of Hakone at a boutique hotel where you can feel the nature and local culture of Hakone Gora.

924-1 Kiga, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Hakone, Kanagawa
250-0402 Japan
TEL : +81-460-83-8310 / FAX : +81-460-83-8467


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Opening in 2021, this luxury boutique resort will feature 50 stunning villas, blending contemporary design, rich textures and earthy tones with traditional accents and a luxuriously lived-in patina. Overindulgent private spaces like outdoor rain showers, private plunge pools and soaking tubs tucked into lush gardens carving plenty of spaces for guests to rest their bones or stir their senses. A perfect gateway to the Island of the Gods, Kimpton Naranta Bali is an effortless introduction to the island’s charms, fusing its timeless traditions, local crafts and unique spirituality with a confidently relaxed tone, personal, warm and intuitive service. At turns laidback and intimate, edgy and soulful, Kimpton Naranta Bali is about living free and seeing more, from the first magical discovery to that extra negroni.

Jalan Terompong, ITDC Lot S-5, Lingkungan Peminge, Benoa, Kuta Selatan Badung Bali 80363 Indonesia
TEL : +62 815 2909 0000

Overseas businesses

Our company also extensively develops hotel management and real estate businesses abroad.
The global standards brought about by overseas business are also well utilized in hotel management in Japan.
In the future we will also aggressively expand our overseas business development of hotels, tourism, real estate, etc., in each region of America, Asia, Europe, etc.


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The restaurant’s premises feature a 13-seat Chef’s Table facing an open kitchen where the culinary magic unfolds.
An adjoining courtyard provides picturesque respite within the building,
while an eight-seater private dining room serves as an exclusive backdrop to intimate social gatherings and networking events.

No. 14 Gunner Lane at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa
Singapore 099566


"Wedding" is a special event in life.
We offer authentic cuisine, quality service and sophisticated hospitality to help you at the most shining moment of your wedding.

hakatagi GRAND HYURI

  • ハカタギ グランヒューリの館内写真1
  • ハカタギ グランヒューリの館内写真2
  • ハカタギ グランヒューリの館内写真3
  • ハカタギ グランヒューリの館内写真4
  • ハカタギ グランヒューリの館内サムネイル写真1
  • ハカタギ グランヒューリの館内サムネイル写真2
  • ハカタギ グランヒューリの館内サムネイル写真3
  • ハカタギ グランヒューリの館内サムネイル写真4

Hakata is the largest hub of the Kyushu region of southern part of Japan and has excellent connectivity to major cities.
hakatagi GRAND HYURI is located on the top floor of the building across from the Hakata station, and our wedding facility features an open space with a view of Hakata cityscape.
Hakata is known for diversity and flexibility towards different cultures by serving as a crossroad of foreign trade in its long history, and its people are warm and full of hospitality.
On your memorable day, hakatagi GRAND HYURI will serve you with a heart of hospitality unique to Hakata.

hakatagi GRAND HYURI
#11F KITTE-Hakata 9-1 Hakataeki Chuogai Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken
812-0012, Japan
TEL : +81-92-481-0850 / FAX : +81-92-481-0851

Aircraft leasing business

In order to develop new hospitality, we are leasing our own aircraft to airline companies.
For Peach Aviation, which is Japan’s first low-cost carrier, we are deploying the Airbus A320-200, an aircraft of the French company Airbus.
Airbus 320 (Airbus A320) is a short- to medium-range commercial passenger airliner manufactured by Airbus. It is a high-tech passenger airliner that was the first commercial aircraft to use digital fly-by-wire flight control systems as well as side-stick controls.
The engine that it is equipped with is a CFM56 engine.
Here are the specifications.

Passengers 180 (1-class, Maximum)
164 (1-class, Standard)
150 (2-class, Standard)
Cargo (Bulk) 37.41 ㎥
Cargo (Container) LD-3-46/46Wx7
Full length 37.57 m
Full width 34.09 m
Full height 11.76 m
Fuselage External 3.96 m/ Internal 3.70 m

Ocean cruising business

ANA Intercontinental Beppu handles ocean cruising plans as one of its activities.
Cruising while watching the wonderful view of the sea and islands around Beppu Bay and Setouchi is a highlight.
Please enjoy it if you have the opportunity.

Passenger 20 people (max)
Full length 25.38 m
Full width 6.10 m
Draft 1.98 m
Total t number 47 t
Output 1550.0HP