Management Principles

To further stimulate the Japanese economy, both the government and the private sector are pushing forward various measures, such as policies to make Japan a more tourism-oriented country, to promote MICE hosting (e.g., international conferences, events, trade shows, and exhibitions), to invigorate regional economies, and to support the business activities of global companies. With the goals for the numbers of foreign tourists in Japan have been set at 40 million for 2020 and 60 million for 2030, Japan hopes to make a leap toward becoming the world's leading nation for tourism.
We know this means that continued growth will be essential after the Olympic Games, and that it is urgent to develop lodging facilities that meet global standards.
While making the most of our experience with hotel operation and management as our core business, we can flexibly respond to customer needs such as ownership and lease. Additionally, we have a good relationship with IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group), and to the best of our ability, we will put forward optimal proposals for revitalizing local areas.
Furthermore, we have cultivated experience in foreign real estate businesses, and we intend to contribute to the tourism industry and hotel industry in Japan through synergistic effects with domestic development by strategically developing hotels in future Japanese tourism destinations and countries with many visitors to Japan.