Declaration of Compliance

GGHS declares that it is a company that can contribute to society through activities that emphasize compliance with laws and regulations, social common sense, corporate ethics, etc., in accordance with the Compliance Policy.

GHS, Inc.
CEO Satoru Kondo

Compliance Policy

1.Compliance with Laws, Regulations, Etc.

We, as company employees and members of society, will adhere to ethical business conduct and do our utmost to comply with laws, regulations, and our internal rules.

2.Legitimate and Appropriate Dealings with Business Partners

We will push forward fair dealings and, without behaving in any way that has any possibility of violating laws and regulations, reject any propositions for fraudulent or unlawful behaviors.

3.Honoring Agreements

We will form fair agreements with our business partners, and we will honor those agreements.

4.Proper Use of Information Systems

We will use the company’s information systems only for business activities, and we will not use them for any personal objectives.

5.Proper Management of Confidential Information and Personal Information

We will manage the confidential information of our company and confidential information legitimately obtained from other companies (including personal information) appropriately in a manner that abides by laws, regulations, and various internal company rules.

6.Proper Disclosure of Business Information

We will appropriately disclose business information to investors and shareholders and make efforts to manage the business in a highly transparent way.

7.Prohibition against Insider Trading

Upon handling business, in cases where our company or an affiliated company has learned important information about a business partner, until that information is officially made public, we will absolutely not engage in insider trading or in any actions or behaviors that would invite suspicions of insider trading.

8.Elimination of Relationships with Antisocial Forces

We will not have any dealings with parties that fall under the category of antisocial forces (e.g., gangs, gang members, former gang members who have not yet spent at least five years outside of of gangs, affiliated members of gangs, gang-related corporations, racketeers such as criminal groups claiming to be social movements, crime groups specializing in intellectual crimes, etc.) under any circumstances.

9.Strict Distinctions between Public and Private Matters

We draw strict distinctions between personal interests and corporate interests, and we will carry out our duties in good faith.

10.Respect for Human Rights

We respect human rights and shall not discriminate or harass under any circumstances for reasons such as nationality, race, sex, age, beliefs, social status, disabilities, etc.

11.Achieving a Safe, Pleasant Work Environment

We will comply with the various laws, regulations, and internal company rules relating to safety and hygiene, and we will make efforts to maintain a work environment in which we can ensure the safety and health of employees.